Your Social Media is Doomed If You Keep It Online

Your social media is doomed if you keep it online. It sounds funny saying it aloud, but as time goes on and I see the various businesses I work with growing in different ways and at different rates, I realize that true social media is not online. Rather, it shouldn’t be. Social media is “social”, which implies human interaction. Continue reading “Your Social Media is Doomed If You Keep It Online”

WordPress.COM Versus WordPress.ORG?

When building your business’ website, it is important to assess your options. WordPress is a great platform to get you online. However, there are two options for WordPress: and They each have their pros and cons. Let’s explore them. Continue reading “WordPress.COM Versus WordPress.ORG?”

Make Your Website Social with WordPress Widgets

For those of us on the redevelopment phase of their website looking to accommodate new trends and visual styles, it is hard to adapt because there are so many options to choose from. Start out by adding some crucial widgets to your website in order to drive traffic Continue reading “Make Your Website Social with WordPress Widgets”

Posting Facebook Dark Ads

What is a Dark Ad?

Facebook dark ads go by a few different names: unpublished posts and sponsored posts. What all of this means is that the post is targeted to a specific audience based on you and your business’ choosing. The dark ad will show up to some people and not others, unlike a regular Facebook post, which is seen by everyone. Whenever you see a post in your News Feed that was not posted by a friend or a page you follow, but appears with a “Sponsored” caption, you are seeing a Facebook dark ad firsthand. You received the advertisement because you were a match for the criteria Continue reading “Posting Facebook Dark Ads”

Where Will I Work Today?

Your workspace defines your work ethic.

I have grown to realize as I work full time that it is hard to keep your workspace interesting. The workspace is a crucial component to how much you get done and how well you do it. One perk of starting a small business is that – for the most part – you can create your own office. Or make it up as you go along, which has been a fun but time-consuming daily exercise for myself. “Where will I work today?” is a question on new business owners’ minds Continue reading “Where Will I Work Today?”

A Recipe for Standing Out

When it comes to finding a job or a new client, new business owners and those just starting out on the job hunt are nervous and uncertain about what others are thinking. What if I told you I don’t schedule meetings anymore, but that I am called up and asked to meet regularly? Continue reading “A Recipe for Standing Out”

How To Manage Your Social Media on a Tight Schedule and a Small Budget

As you start a new business, an investment in social media is an essential component of your marketing program.  The reality is, new business owners do not always believe they have the time to dedicate to social media and they do not have the resources to outsource the management of their online presence. Did you know that you can maintain an effective social media presence in as little as 30 minutes a week? Continue reading “How To Manage Your Social Media on a Tight Schedule and a Small Budget”

5 Questions To Ask Before Building Your Social Strategy

As you join the realm of social media, you must be prepared. Check out our list of questions to ask yourself before you delve in.

What is your social voice?

Pair your business voice with your personal voice to create your social voice. Consider things like the interests of your business, your own interests, trends in your industry Continue reading “5 Questions To Ask Before Building Your Social Strategy”

Defining My Motivators

In a past post, I discussed the importance of discerning what motivates you to work hard and maintain a steady path of success. I’d like to discuss what motivates me as I build my own business and solidify my personal brand.


After the tragic passing of my father over the summer, Continue reading “Defining My Motivators”

Blogging 101: How to Get Started

Why blog? Better yet, why aren’t you blogging? Blogging is as crucial as it is horrifying. There is a fairly common anxiety that comes with staring at a blank screen and trying to find the first word, let alone the right words. The following will explore different methods of brainstorming and organization tactics for your blog, Continue reading “Blogging 101: How to Get Started”