Pinterest Gives Your Business An Edge

In discussion with many entrepreneurs, That’s the Idea has found a low interest in creating Pinterest accounts for business. We’ve heard a lot of responses, which are misinformed, and we want to counter these with the truth.

“The profiles look too busy with images.”

Visuals are an essential element to successful online advertising, Continue reading “Pinterest Gives Your Business An Edge”

Social Media Tools & Tips

Written by: Jill Kennedy

This was posted on the BizLaunch Blog on September 09, 2014.

It’s the beginning of the week and you want to post content on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You post a status and a few tweets. Thursday rolls around and you realize you haven’t posted since. You had a lot of meetings this week and it was hard to schedule social media into your plan.

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The Benefits of Content Sharing

Have you ever read an article that was relevant to your business or had a great deal that you wanted customers to know about on the fly? Social media marketing is a quick and easy way to advertise for your business.

However, it is still relatively new in the business world and owners are continually developing their online strategy all the time. Continue reading “The Benefits of Content Sharing”