Don’t Undervalue Traditional Mediums

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Global News Studios at Yonge & Bloor with my client, Jessica Mowforth, Owner of The Bone Natural Pet Boutique. The Bone is a chic, holistic pet shop in Ajax, Ontario providing delicious and nutritious solutions for pets and offering exceptional grooming services at The Spaw. If you have a pup or a cat, they will love this place as much as you will.

Kyra the Dog at The Spaw
Kyra the Dog at The Spaw

For any of my regular readers – today I learned I have regular readers!! – you know I’m all about getting offline to share online. Getting into the storefront, interviewing customers and learning the social culture of a business is so important to your social strategy, but don’t forget the importance of investing time into traditional mediums. Continue reading “Don’t Undervalue Traditional Mediums”

Why I Stopped Unfriending People On Facebook

So many Facebook users do this annual thing I like to call the “Facebook Purge.” They go through their friend list and can anyone who doesn’t belong to their social circle any longer, annoys them or they see no real value in having on Facebook. And that’s all good and fun! To each their own! Carpe Diem?

You know what? I’m totally guilty of this and I have no shame. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Unfriending People On Facebook”

Mastering the Art of the ‘Short Break’

Let’s face it – we cannot constantly work. On the flip side, we cannot get lost in break time to the point of no return. For most of us, we’ve been down both paths of working non-stop and not working much. Either-or, it usually doesn’t end well. Continue reading “Mastering the Art of the ‘Short Break’”

A Recipe for Standing Out

When it comes to finding a job or a new client, new business owners and those just starting out on the job hunt are nervous and uncertain about what others are thinking. What if I told you I don’t schedule meetings anymore, but that I am called up and asked to meet regularly? Continue reading “A Recipe for Standing Out”

Defining My Motivators

In a past post, I discussed the importance of discerning what motivates you to work hard and maintain a steady path of success. I’d like to discuss what motivates me as I build my own business and solidify my personal brand.


After the tragic passing of my father over the summer, Continue reading “Defining My Motivators”

Blogging 101: How to Get Started

Why blog? Better yet, why aren’t you blogging? Blogging is as crucial as it is horrifying. There is a fairly common anxiety that comes with staring at a blank screen and trying to find the first word, let alone the right words. The following will explore different methods of brainstorming and organization tactics for your blog, Continue reading “Blogging 101: How to Get Started”

Determine Your Motivators

With the New Year off to a running – okay, sprinting – start, many of us feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. It is tiresome and stress-inducing. Some people have set goals and resolutions and we can see them being followed, if only at a distance. It is often hard to tell how a person is feeling and coping from the outside, though. Motivation keeps us going, but it doesn’t protect us from stress. Continue reading “Determine Your Motivators”