In An Ever Changing Industry, You Need to Change Too

When I announced I’d be taking a night course in the winter of 2015, a colleague of mine said, “Why are you studying social media? Don’t you know it already?” I took a step back, held my tongue and said, “Well, you never stop learning.”
After completing the Foundations of Digital Communications course at U of T’s School of Continuing Studies, I refreshed some viewpoints and learned quite a few new things too.

  • It’s okay if your opinion changes.” – Elena Yunusov

During the course, we had many chances to meet with social and digital leaders in the industry. At one talk, Elena Yunusov and three other thought leaders discussed community management and blogging. Elena stated that over the years, she has learned that your opinions do not have to remain consistent in your blogging. She stressed the importance of honesty when writing posts in order to create a connection with the reader. I mean, as I’ve said, we’re always learning – chances are, our opinions will evolve and change over time.

  • Just keep writing no matter what.

Yes, it’s hard to get going on a blog. You just have to force yourself into it and really keep up the momentum for a few months. Like starting an exercise routine or waking up early, it takes a certain discipline you need to push on yourself in order to master it. Oh, and if you don’t like the whole writing thing, try a more comfortable style. You can take up vlogging (video blogs) or voice recording your posts using speech-to-text technology like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

  • Write post ideas down when they come to your brain or they might slip away.

I keep a notebook on hand at all times to write down post ideas. Some of the best ones come to me at 3am or when I’m in transit. If you don’t like notebooks, you can use your smart phone!

  • Opinion pieces perform the best.

Whenever I make a bold or outrageous claim, people respond more. It makes sense – these can cause an uproar sometimes, but they also raise awareness and present strange and unpopular opinions on topics. People like this kind of thing. Most thought leaders come up with varying opinions from the norm. (Spoiler alert: I’d love to be a thought leader.)

  • You have to tweet every day.

I am absolutely guilty of not doing this. I tweet for the majority of my clients so when it comes down to my own Twitter, I am slacking. In order to maintain high reach, you need to tweet every day, tag people, hashtag and engage with others. You can even share new blog posts.

  • Bloggers don’t like to make the first move.

If you want other bloggers to engage with your content, engage with theirs first. Bloggers don’t like to make the first move – a comment for a comment gets the whole world talkin’.

What have you learned from blogging regularly? 

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