Local Ajax-Whitby Cafés that Promote Productivity


Working from home is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t always work. You get caught up with household chores or maybe someone else is watching Turner Classic Movies and you just can’t resist Cary Grant’s charm and wise cracks or you decide that the weather is so lovely, you’re going to sit outside and read. A small number of those given scenarios have happened to me, though I won’t say which ones. It’s not that I can’t work from home, it’s just sometimes, I have to get out of the house and into a new, fresh space that may smell similar to a Starbucks, but isn’t a Starbucks. So, I’ve begun to seek out unique, small businesses to support local and to allow me to get a tonne of work done outside my home.

JazzBerry Tea House


Located in the Pickering Village, this is the spot for tea aficionados who want to expand from Teavana and David’s Tea and go local. The calming environment is perfect for getting work done efficiently. If you are meeting a client or holding a meeting, there is a gorgeous tea room in the basement that can be rented out for a great price. JazzBerry’s drink menu is the best edition to any work-related endeavor.

3 Steps Up Coffee House

This popular, independent shop is located just a little bit north of Downtown Whitby. Like most of the locations on this list, it is hidden if you are not looking for it, yet it always manages to bring a great variety of folks in on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking to have a delicious lunch with a client or for an intimate experience where your order will be remembered (even if you only come in once in awhile), this is the spot for you. 3 Steps Up offers a gorgeous conference room, ideal for hosting everything from yoga classes to small networking groups, such as the Y.E.S. Women’s Networking Breakfast.

Maraschino Café & Bakery

This cute spot is tucked in right beside JazzBerry Tea House. It is a great place to meet with clients or – as the weather warms up – to sit outside on the patio and get some work done. They have a delicious menu with classic Italian pizzas and a bakery filled with yummy macarons. Who doesn’t love macarons?

Debbie’s Boutique Café


Debbie’s Boutique Café is just that – a boutique and a café! This chic spot is on Harwood, south of Highway 2. Not only do they offer delicious treats and coffees and teas, but they also sell a variety of products, such as home décor and greeting cards. If you need to pick up a gift after working the day by, you won’t have to go very far at Debbie’s.

What’s your cute local spot? What other ways are you supporting local businesses in your area? Share in the comments and we can discuss.

1 thought on “Local Ajax-Whitby Cafés that Promote Productivity”

  1. Thanks for the post, Jill.

    Totally agree! I find that being in a new, fresh space opens up your mind to new fresh, ideas. A change of scenery often brings with it a change in perspective, and it gives our brains a chance to process things differently.

    One of the quaint, welcoming spots that I nestle in to work or to meet up with business associates is Three Steps Up Coffee House (http://3stepsup.weebly.com) at 605 Brock Street North. This sun-filled, cafe & sweet shop is bustling with local residents and business people alike. They only serve freshly ground organic, fair trade coffee and they remind us that by enjoying fair trade coffee, we’re not only getting a delicious hit of java, we’re also helping growers and their families. Vicki Kemp is the owner of this delightful eatery/meeting place. Her love of good, wholesome food and her desire to create a relaxing atmosphere where people want to linger has been the reason for her success. She caters to local business people offering catering services as well as renting out a spacious, meeting room adorned with arresting artwork from local artists. It’s a beautiful, meeting space where local businesses and entrepreneurs can gather and collaborate.

    Love your post and your support for local businesses that create the places & spaces we can all enjoy.

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