Why I’d Never Call Myself A ‘Virtual Assistant’

Through networking and job postings, I’ve met a series of different people with various job titles – usually the ones they’ve coined for themselves. A term I was introduced to recently was that of a ‘virtual assistant.’ A virtual assistant helps businesses with administrative, creative and social media tasks online. Virtual assistants are typically hired on a contract basis with no employee benefits. They typically work from home and update everything through online channels.

So, what you just read sums up Continue reading “Why I’d Never Call Myself A ‘Virtual Assistant’”

A Recipe for Standing Out

When it comes to finding a job or a new client, new business owners and those just starting out on the job hunt are nervous and uncertain about what others are thinking. What if I told you I don’t schedule meetings anymore, but that I am called up and asked to meet regularly? Continue reading “A Recipe for Standing Out”