I have worked with Jill as both a mentor and one of her online marketing clients since her business launched in 2014. Jill successfully went through the Starter Company Program in 2014-15 and developed skills that have been instrumental in her personal and business development. Jill is easy to work with and produces results. She is consistent, organized and always on schedule with her content creation services. It has been a pleasure working with her and witnessing the continuous business growth of That’s the Idea.

–Andrew Patricio, BizLaunch Media
I attended at workshop that Jill Kennedy put on named, “Building your Business Facebook Page. I have been to a few of these but thought I would attend for a refresher course. Jill taught me tips that would help my business. I found it very interesting the way that she presented it. She was easy to follow and taught the class in a relaxed environment. Her knowledge of using Facebook for your business was very helpful. I recommend Jill to everyone that has a business, whether you are a newbie or someone that is already using Facebook for their business. Jill will be able to show you how better to use it.

–Jacqueline Bos, LegalShield
I am so pleased to acknowledge Jill’s Marketing Strategies in her business building activities and her level of dedication and devotion to clients.

–Kathryn Preston, So2Speak
“Before working with Jill, I was doing all of my social media myself. I spent literally hours combing the web for content, and even more time scheduling it in. It felt like my efforts were for nothing because I wasn’t getting much (if any!) engagement or more ‘likes’ on my Facebook page. When Jill swooped in, I was so relieved- to finally have an expert do it for me! She saves me tons of hours of work, and has grown my little community more than I could have imagined. I love That’s The Idea because Jill is able to really understand my goals and what types of content I want to share- without much guidance at all! I truly believe that her tenacity and creative voice lend themselves very well to my niche- women’s holistic hormonal health. The most valuable service she has given me is time. More time for me to spend with my clients and customers. More time to reach out to the thousands of women who need the information I share. For this reason alone I would shout from the rooftops for any person to hire Jill! Thank you again for being such a wonderful part of my integral support team.”

-Robyn Srigley, The Hormone Diva
“Jill has been working with us here at The Bone for quite some time now. Knowing nothing about social media outside of the typical personal Facebook and Instagram pages, we clearly needed some extra support. Jill to the rescue! She has not only helped build our audience but also maintain our following through consistent educational postings and her always adorable puppy pictures. Jill is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly and we greatly appreciate her services.”

-Jessica Mowforth, The Bone Natural
Jill Kennedy taught an outstanding presentation, “Let’s Get Blogging” held at BACD, in Whitby, Apr 21/16. Being completely new to blogging, Jill did an excellent job of explaining how to get started, the thought process behind the content, and other tools to get blogging off the ground. Through the tips & tricks that Jill shared, I was able to find a great source of stock photos to add to my social media business applications. My new blog is in the draft stage, and will be published very soon as a result of Jill’s presentation. Thanks Jill for teaching an informative, easy to implement blogging workshop!

-Barbara Hayes, ImageConsultant & Coach
Jill wrote the content for my website, PG Property Management. Jill is a strong writer who is thorough in her editing. She provided a quick turn-around time on tasks I needed completed quickly. I would recommend Jill to anyone looking to work with an organized and excited online writer.

–Donna Rowe, PG Property Management
It is so valuable to have That’s the Idea take the burden of social media off my plate. Jill handles it in such a professional way and in such a timely fashion. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the quality of information and the frequency. Jill has had no problem learning my industry and speaking with my voice. Social Media is an important part of a successful business but it is an easy part to delegate if you feel confident that someone can handle it as well or better than you. I feel strongly that Jill handles my needs better than I can in order for me to focus on the other important parts of my business.

–Joanne Shaw, Down2Earth Garden Design