Don’t Undervalue Traditional Mediums

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Global News Studios at Yonge & Bloor with my client, Jessica Mowforth, Owner of The Bone Natural Pet Boutique. The Bone is a chic, holistic pet shop in Ajax, Ontario providing delicious and nutritious solutions for pets and offering exceptional grooming services at The Spaw. If you have a pup or a cat, they will love this place as much as you will.

Kyra the Dog at The Spaw
Kyra the Dog at The Spaw

For any of my regular readers – today I learned I have regular readers!! – you know I’m all about getting offline to share online. Getting into the storefront, interviewing customers and learning the social culture of a business is so important to your social strategy, but don’t forget the importance of investing time into traditional mediums.

Jessica Mowforth prepares Global News segments on holistic nutrition regularly. This is a great way to demonstrate your industry expertise in a public forum.

Jessica on Global News at Noon
Jessica on Global News at Noon

Why Is A Social Media Manager Recommending Other Mediums?

I don’t view them as clashing forces. The best businesses find a way to utilize multiple mediums so they work in tandem to achieve the best ROI. Promote your television or radio segments and newspaper stories on social channels and vice versa.

Not everyone is online. You can reach more people by showcasing your business through traditional mediums. While more and more people are going online, we are still in a transition period as some only spend time watching television and listening to radio.

Personal branding is absolutely necessary. Chances are, you won’t meet every potential customer in your market. If you can go live on air or become featured in a newspaper, your name and your business have even more growth opportunities to reach more clients. Getting in front of people is essential, no matter which medium you choose.

It’s great to meet people in varying industries. Lastly, as a social media person, it’s the value of good ol’ networking to cross with other mediums. I enjoyed meeting with Rosey Edeh and Antony Robart – that was pretty cool.


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